Collaborative Projects

  • 2013: co-composed the soundtrack for Asterogue, a postapocalyptic action-roguelike released for free on iOS and Android. Soundtrack won second runner-up in the Sammy Awards (Center for Games and Playable Media, UC Santa Cruz).


  • 2012: co-composed the soundtrack for Puzzle Defenders, a fast-paced puzzle game released for free on the Chrome Web Store. Prototype music for Puzzle Defenders was used in some small games, including Escape from Violence Island.
  • 2011: composed the soundtrack for The Endless Web, a procedurally-generated platformer videogame to be released soon for PC/Mac. I also arranged, performed, and recorded several tracks which can be found here.


I’ve also dabbled in programming and electronics, writing shuttling software for an extended-range custom-made mellotron in construction by Justin Mayer at Bear Creek Recording Studio. The plan is to improve on the J-Tron predecessor by adding more patches and a more sophisticated tape rewind system. I was responsible for the Arduino Uno programming that controls the rewind mechanism, as well as the patch selection.

I also hope to have a project page up for my Max/MSP controller I built off of an Arduino Duemilanove, which can be seen slung in front of the accordion in the photo above.

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