To Antarctica, Part 4: Frolicking in coastal New Zealand


Today, we woke up bright and early again for another chance to go to the ice. Unfortunately, not only we were cancelled again due to weather before we left the hotel, but we were cancelled through the weekend with the next attempt planned for Monday! With the whole weekend to burn, we too the bus again…20141004-DSCF076320141004-DSCF0764This time out to Sumner, on the coast just 45 minutes away from Christchurch by bus.

20141004-DSCF0761After passing by a large estuary, we came upon a series of rocky bluffs facing the sea.

The whole gang.

The whole gang.

I am traveling with Kevin from my lab (left) along with the field team of Professor Anne Todgham(right) from UC Davis. Professor Todgham is PI on another antarctic project looking at physiology of antarctic fishes.


20141004-DSCF0770 20141004-DSCF0773 20141004-DSCF0774 20141004-DSCF0780 20141004-DSCF0781We grabbed some coffee and saw some dogs along the beach.

20141004-DSCF0793 20141004-DSCF0796 20141004-DSCF0795After walking along the beach, we headed back to Christchurch downtown, grabbed lunch, and headed home. Here’s to another day in New Zealand in Antarctica limbo – life could be worse!

20141004-DSCF0808 20141004-DSCF0807 20141004-DSCF0801 20141004-DSCF082020141004-DSCF0816

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One thought on “To Antarctica, Part 4: Frolicking in coastal New Zealand

  1. I was the transportation officer (US Army) responsible for moving people and things from CHC to the Ice. It was maybe the best ob that I had in the Army and I had a ball talking to scientists transiting CHC.

    I hope that you have a VERY successful deployment.

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