I went out sunrise shooting with several friends. Got to use his sigma 24-70 f/2.8 and his canon 16-35L… both wonderful lenses. I’m trying my hand at exposure blending. Here’s a teaser:



One thought on “sunrise!

  1. I spoke with you Umi, Tim, Alex, and I mainly spoke with Greg? (not sure there were only three people at the Maker Faire).

    I’m the guy building the first DIY Manned High Altitude Craft, and all of you said at the Faire you all were very interested in being a part of the design team. I’ve emailed Greg twice and not heard back so I’m reaching out, this time to you.

    If you guys are still interested, I’ll send you what I sent Greg to bring you up to speed with where we are in the design process.

    If you’ve changed your minds and you’re not interested that’s fine, just let me know. Not having heard a response in either direction, I’m trying to reach your group another way, this time through you.

    Anyway, it was a pleasure meeting you Umi and your group, best of luck on your group’s future flights.



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