I hope that my last piece, “Moiré patterns, Nyquist Frequencies, and music cd’s!“, will be the first of many interesting, “stream-of-consciousness”[1] writings I will do in this space. I’m aiming for a worse, in-text version of RadioLab, with some of the whimsical musings brought to you by Randall Munroe’s what-if xckd [2]. That being said, I would like to mention some addendums and corrections I would like to make to my previous post, in hopes that in the next one I’ll know a bit more about what I’m talking about.

  • The term I was “dancing around” in that post was “aliasing“. That more or less should tie everything together. Thanks, Sev!
  • My partner in crime, Greg Klein, insists that square “waves” are not in fact waves, but “waveforms”. To be honest, I’m not 100% sure about this. I believe the argument there is that the square wave(form) is a summation of an infinite number of sine waves. I would contend that this is probably one of the definitiosn of “wave”, brought to you by a variety of different disciplines.
  • I also replaces the asterisks with numbered references. This should let you follow the references (for better or for worse). I hope I did it right… turns out it’s massively confusing to do.

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[1] aka unstructured drivel

[2] Also, let’s face it… socially lubricated in the manner of My Drunk Kitchen. 

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